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How do I apply them?

Choose the piece that better fits your outfit. Make sure your skin is dry and clean. Cut out as close to the edge as possible. Remove the clear sheet and place it properly over the skin. Hold a wet cloth or sprinkle water with a spray for some seconds. Peel the paper aside carefully. Complete and customize with the remaining elements in the sheet.

How long do they last?

About 2-6 days, depending on how clean your skin is, how well you take care of them and how much fun you have. Try to avoid scrubbing while you wash. Oil based substances like perfume, lotions or aftersun might degrade them.

Are they safe for my skin?

Yes! All our tattoos are non-toxic and safe for anyone to wear. Our products are regulated at European level to ensure consumer safety and to secure an internal market for cosmetics.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, again! Just remember... Its application requires super dry skin. Wait for about half an hour in order to make sure the adhesive has had time to bond... and jump into the ocean!  

How do I remove them?

Gently scrub off with cotton pad impregnated with body lotion or alcohol.

How do I wear them?

Simple: as you wish. Show them off in your forehead, neck, hands, face, feet... even nails! Enjoy creating your own designs. Win the innovation prize.

How many tattoos come in a set?

Each collection incluyes four sheets with several metallic patterns on the inside. Sak Yant are single tattoos and One Look, a jewel set for especific occasions.