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Visa, Mastercard and direct Paypal are accepted.

Paypal is the fastest and safest way for online payments.


Paypal is safe : Paypal securely stores your financial information as it protects it with the most advanced fraud-detection security systems which are leaders in the market.


Besides, your financial details will never be disclosed to the retailer.


Paypal is quick and easy to operate: No credit card details or bank account numbers are required in order for payments to get done. Only an e-mail address and a password.


Paypal is flexible: You pick your payment method whether it might be debit, credit or by bank account.


Security Protocol (SSL): SSL (Security Socket Layer) provides a secure website, so the login information, credit card numbers and any other sensitive information concerning payment, are encrypted on transmission, instead of sending plain text (HTTP)

Our e-commerce online shop is secured through SSL, ensuring that no third parties nor attackers gain access to sensitive information.


To ensure that no hacker could intercept the information and make unlawful use of online-gathered data, our website certificate uses a 256-bit encrypting protocol certificate. This level of encryptation ensures data is well protected from hacker attacks.

This protection guarantees that all online critical information can only be decoded by authorized parties.